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Commercial vehicle registration is a job that requires accuracy of data and this exercise is required for every new registration. The emergence of e-data processing system provides answer to the need for tools and alternative ways to improve well-being and activities of individuals. This work design and implementation of a campus commercial vehicle Registration and tax management system is aimed at studying the registration system of commercial vehicles in a university campus, identifying the setbacks, and developing a system that will make use of computerization to enhance driver’s registration and authentication, as well as proof of valid ownership of vehicles in operation within the school. This system also provides an efficient tax management system to manage the periodic tax payment by the vehicle owners. This System provides a proper and consistent record of users and a centrally controlled system that will allow timely access to such records when the need arises. The methodology Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology (OOADM) was adopted in this work. The development tool for implemented was PHP for the server end programming alongside HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end design. The database was implemented using MySQL on Apache Server.


1.1 Background of TheStudy

The emergence of e-data processing system is an answer to the dire need of man for tools and alternative ways to improve his well-being and activities as a whole. It has relieved workers of the stressful routine of collecting, organizing and management of data.

Campus commercial vehicle registration in Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU) involves the use of pen and paper in the recording of commercial vehicles information and generation of unique personal identification number (PIN) for each vehicle. This process is laden with inaccuracy caused by assigning a unique identification number to more than one vehicle and tracking other related information such as change of ownership and renewal of license. This is done for any vehicle used for commercial purpose within and outside the school campus. This process is extremely inefficient and the recovery of the information is not possible once registration papers are damaged or lost as it frequently occurs coupled with the bulk of papers that makes information retrieval very difficult.

The vehicle registration system is the repository that contains vehicle’s data and information which several stakeholders require and need to access, for the efficient functioning in their respective domains and further, in an envisaged integrated environment.

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